Monday, 9 April 2012

More Finkin' about Facebook.....

I promise you , not ALL my Blogs will be about my Falling Out Of Love With Facebook , but you know how it is at the end of a Relationship....Your mind is full of Reflections.....All the Good Things and Bad Things swilling around in your head, like tea leaves in a cup. I guess it's all part of The Process, where you're trying to convince yourself that you're doing The Right Thing , and not making a huge mistake.
You may say that being on a Social Networking site is actually not a big deal, and that I am spending FAR too much time on a subject that is very trivial. And you'd be absolutely right. And therein lies the problem. Depression is a Mental Illness. And Mental Illness  means that the "normal" workings of the mind are disturbed. And when these are disturbed , to whatever extent , things take on different levels of importance. Most of the "Hate" in my "Love/Hate" relationship with Facebook stems from the fact that I hate myself for becoming so addicted to the bloody thing. And when you are Depressed , your Self Esteem is already Shot To Pieces any way , so you don't really need any additional self-loathing.....You already have sufficient levels to get you by.
And because you are not very keen on yourself , you then become very "Needy" , and silly little things such as someone telling you that they "Like" what you've said , or a photo that you've taken , takes on FAR more importance than it should , and can become all-consuming. I remember when I was Backpacking in Australia many years ago , and went through a period of bad Homesickness, and you become obsessed by receiving a letter or phone call from home , and can think of nothing else.....Very similar emotions.....Seems daft when you're feeling "strong" , but not nearly as daft when you're not.
As I said in my previous Blog , when I was a Drinker , I was not very good at just having A Quiet Pint.....If I had one , it usually had to turn into A Session.....And I have been much the same with FB.....I don't seem to know when to stop.....One Witty Remark leads to another,one photo of the Sea becomes 10 ,   and before I know it, I'm waking up in Bed with a huge Hangover and a slight feeling of guilt and emptiness.  I guess I'm not very good at Moderation. I'm bloody good at Abstinence....I gave up both Smoking and Drinking over 20 years ago without any difficulties , so I guess that's the answer.
The other problem is that we all only have a limited supply of  Creativity. I have been using up all of mine on FB , leaving no time or space to explore other avenues. I would like to try many other things.....Watercolour Painting , Poetry , Stone Carving , Guitar playing.....Maybe even learning to ride that Unicycle I bought last year........Procrastination has always been my main talent in life......It's about time that I made my "Tomorrow" arrive Today........


  1. Perhaps the answer is to break the habit of addiction and equally that of abstaining and recognise the pattern. As a fellow nut job I see nothing wrong in your postings and photographs and find you quite amusing....but its all in moderation that only you can provide. Saying that , if you feel that FB is stifling your creativity then it definitely time to broaden your horizons.....without following that habit of abstinence IMO. Cathy x

  2. Fantastic spiel x I loved reading it good luck with the blogging Xx but surely giving the room to comment is little like Facebook x? Look forward to more of your wise words and witty comments. Helen x