Sunday, 14 April 2013

It would appear that Mrs. Thatcher is every bit as divisive in Death as she ever was in Life . I think we've all probably read , heard and said enough about how we feel about The Old Girl in the past week , but I did just want to try and explore my own feelings on the matter .
Anyway , despite my very strong Leftie views ,  I don't wish this piece to be Yet Another Article slagging the woman off . Having spent the past 12 years working as a Psychiatric Nurse specialising in Dementia , I am more aware than most of the need to give Dignity & Respect to ANYONE suffering the effects of this dreadful illness . However , this shouldn't mean that we aren't free to give our opinions on someone's past deeds .
There has been much written about The Iron Lady's contributions to The Nation in the past week , and much of it seems to have been written from behind Rose Tinted Specs .  I now understand that she single-handedly wrestled back The Falkland Islands from Argentinian troops , rescued the country from Financial meltdown , prevented small children from milk poisoning , selflessly saved thousands of Miners from having to go down dark holes in the ground , and gave lots of poor people a free house . Quite a Woman . However , call me churlish , but...... I still can't help but despise the woman . Sorry ......
What I look for in a Politician is a desire to make the World a better place to live in , for everyone , and it's on this rather basic point that Mrs. Thatcher falls at the first hurdle . I could never detect in her any ounce of Humanity , any warmth , and any real decency . I tried to watch  a documentary on her life the other evening , and couldn't get past the first 10 minutes , so annoying did I find her , but that short excerpt alone told me much about what formed her life-long outlook on life . It would seem that Daddy really wanted a son , meaning that little Margaret felt she needed to spend the rest of her life proving that she had testicles the size of water melons . Also , Daddy's Corner Shop didn't seem to be good enough for her , she had higher aspirations , thus meaning she felt EVERYONE had to dedicate everything to "improving" themselves .
My favourite Politician has always been Tony Benn . Whether you agree with his Socialist beliefs or not , I think you would be hard pressed to say that he doesn't yearn for a Better World . Even now , well into his Octogenarian decade , his passion is undiminished ,  I see him speak at The Tolpuddle Rally every year , and he's still a powerful orator , still capable of having an audience hang on his every word . Here is a person who used his early life experiences not to grow a chip on his shoulder , but to try and search for answers . For example . his experiences in the RAF during World War 2 gave him a genuine interest in Peace . I would recommend anyone to read his lovely book , "Letters To My Grandchildren" , in which he passes on his wisdom to the younger generation in an extremely user friendly form .
It is Benn's twin message of Hope & Anger Against Injustice that I always found missing from Thatcher's Politics , which only ever seemed to be about Greed , Selfishness , and some personally .driven Crusade , for which now sadly we are all living with the effects .....a Society that is out for themselves , in a World ruled by out of control Banks and ruthless Multinational Companies .

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